The Power School Portal is open for registration from January 8th through January 22nd. 

To register your child and request Exploratory courses please log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal. 

The following videos give step by step instructions on how to register your child. 

6th Grade Course Request Video

Transcript of video

7th Grade Course Request Video

Transcript of video

8th Grade Course Request Video

Transcript of video

Curriculum Information 

The purpose of the 2021-2022 Course Book is to share information about courses at RMS. This may be used  to guide parents and students in the registration process. 

2021-2022 RMS Course Book

All students will be enrolled in Math, Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts and PE. For registration purposes, English Language Arts, Math and Intro to Algebra (8th grade) are used as place holders in Power School. Advanced math and Honors ELA placements are done in the spring and communicated to parents at that time. 

Exploratory Options

The following google presentation gives the course description of exploratory courses available at each grade level.

6th Grade Exploratory Courses

7th Grade Exploratory Courses

8th Grade Exploratory Courses

You can also look at this year’s Curriculum Night On Demand for teachers’ videos giving details about their courses. Keep in mind that not all courses may be offered next year. Use the above Google Presentation for the updated list of available courses

If you would like to request a change in an Exploratory Class for the 2021-22 school year, use this form. Please keep in mind that filling out this form is only a request, it does not guarantee a change will take place. You will be notified if your schedule has been changed. 

For Questions regarding the registration process please contact the following:  

RMS Registrar: Lora Nazos

6th Grade Counselor: Cara Leigh Heidgen

7th Grade Counselor: Julie Webb

8th Grade Counselor: Julie Neece

RMS Assistant Principal: Carol Dopke