The purpose of the 2020-2021 Rotolo Middle School Course Book is to share curriculum information. Furthermore, this document can serve as a Curriculum Guide for selecting future courses at the middle school. Our Building Administration and our Counselors are committed to supporting students in the selection and placement for academic courses.

Curriculum Information 

2020-2021 Rotolo Middle School Course Book

Exploratory Course Video (for current 6th graders)

Exploratory Course Video (for current 7th graders)

Exploratory Course Change Request

If you have an Exploratory class request change,  please use this form.  An administrator will review the options to make your requested changes and inform you if a change can be made.  All requests must be made by 8:00 AM on June 1st. No requests will be accepted after that time.

Building Administration

  • Principal: Kelley Karnick
  • Assistant Director of Student Services: Catherine Murray 
  • Associate Principals: Jennifer Hix, Josh Bulak
  • Assistant Principals: Carol Dopke, Matt Jeffrey

School Counselors

  • Cara Leigh Heidgen (Class of 2027)
  • Julie Webb (Class of 2026)
  • Julie Neece (Class of 2025)

Core Course Offerings

All students in middle school take four core courses daily.  Core courses are Math, Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts.  Honors placement in these courses involves a multi-step approach including student data, and student performance, and teacher recommendation.  Curriculum, instruction, and assessment are aligned with high standards. Please refer to the Core and Exploratory Classes and Descriptions link above.