Rotolo Middle School will service 1115 students during the 2023-2024 school year in a positive learning environment focused on academic student growth and social emotional learning. As a large middle school, we divide our students into Interdisciplinary Teams at each grade level in order to create a smaller atmosphere where teachers have the ability to share common students and help students grow academically and social emotionally. We make every effort to have students receive core instruction on their interdisciplinary team; however, there are students with academic needs that may necessitate multiple teams for instruction.

Below is a chart for the website of each core team.

Team 6-1 Team 7-1 Team 8-1
Team 6-2 Team 7-2 Team 8-2
Team 6-3 Team 7-3 Team 8-3


Below is a chart for the website of Exploratory team.

Band Art Physical Education French
Orchestra Communications/Drama Health  Spanish
Chorus STEM   First Aid Industrial Arts
Family & Consumer Science Sewing Medical Detectives

Below is a chart for Related Services and Instructional Supports

Math Skills Counselors Essentials 
Reading Skills LRC
EL Support Social Work

Communication Tips:

  • Check PowerSchool weekly
  • Email and/or Call Classroom Teachers (allow 24 hours for response)
  • Review Assignment Planner
  • Sign up for Messenger and follow on Social Media