The Inclusive Flag shown above merges the Intersex-Inclusive Pride Flag with the Progress Pride Flag. Over the years, the rainbow LGBTQ flag has evolved to become increasingly inclusive. One of the most recent updates came in 2021 when Valentino Vecchietti of Intersex Equality Rights UK added a yellow triangle with a purple circle—the design of the Intersex Pride Flag—to the Progress Pride Flag. The Progress Pride Flag adds the white, pink, and light blue chevron design representing the colors of the Transgender Flag, while the brown and black stripes represent marginalized people of color. The black stripe has a dual meaning: It also honors those lost to HIV/AIDS and is a nod to the stigma surrounding those still living with HIV.

LGBTQIA+ Resources

Here is a graphic that explains the letters in this acronym.

Topic Where to learn more Who to see for help
Student Educational Rights Board Policy on Educational Equity



Mrs. Piatek:

Student Clubs and Activities Equality Club

*First meeting is September 20




Bullying/Reporting Board Policy on Bullying

RMS Bullying Form

Safety Line

Student Check In Form

*These forms are not for immediate safety concerns- please contact a school administrator for any immediate safety concerns.  


6th Grade:

7th/8th Grade:

Gender Neutral Bathrooms Nurses’ Office

Student Services/Guidance

A bathroom in each wing was been converted to a gender neutral bathroom. 

*Students are also welcome to use the locker room or bathroom aligned with their identified gender



6th Grade:

7th/8th Grade:

Gender/ Name Change Document Counselors
Community Resources Youth Outlook


The Trevor Project

Q Chat Space

ISBE Support Page