Activities and Clubs

Rotolo Middle School encourages students to participate in student organizations and activities because we consider such participation and collaboration to be vital to their educational welfare.

Activity/Club Grade Level Social Media Sponsor Meeting Schedule
“1501” Show Choir 6th/7th/8th Mrs. Hillman
Art Club 6th/7th/8th Mrs. McKnight
Art Club 6th/7th/8th Mrs. Meyer
Anime 6th/7th/8th Mr. Hodge
Battle of the Books 6th/7th/8th Mrs. Cook
Bowling Club 6th/7th/8th  Website Mr. JonathanMrs. Oswald
Breakfast Book Club 6th/7th/8th  Website Mrs. Cook
Builders Club 6th/7th/8th Mrs. Webb
Computer Club 6th/7th/8th Mr. Crawley
Foods Club 6th/7th/8th Mrs. Powell
Games Club 6th/7th/8th Mr. Hodge
Gold Vocal 6th/7th/8th Mrs. Hillman
IMSA Fusion 6th/7th/8th  Website Mrs. ConnellMrs. Oswald
Jazz Band 6th Grade  6th grade only Mr. Buckley
Jazz Ensemble 6th/7th/8th Mr. Ozsvath
Symphonic Band 6th/7th/8th Mr. Ozsvath .
Musical 7th and 8th Grade 7th/8th  Website Mrs. Poulos  February 9, 2018 @ 7:00pm and Saturday Feb. 10 at 2:00 & 6:30 pm
Newspaper 6th/7th/8th  Website Mrs. Sengenberger
Ski Club 6th/7th/8th Mrs. ConnellMrs. Oswald
Sports Club 6th/7th/8th Mrs. Krantz, Mrs. Stary
Spring Play 6th Grade 6th Only  Website Mrs. Poulos  Friday May 4th at 7:00pm and Saturday May 5th at 4:00pm
Stringz 6th/7th/8th Mr. Griffith
Student Council 6th/7th/8th  Website Ms. Christopher,
Mrs. Stoneberg
Talent Show 6th/7th/8th  Website Mrs. Poulos
Tennis Club 6th/7th/8th Mrs. Stoneberg

Ms. Stoneberg

Ecology Club 6th/7th/8th Mrs. Majersky
 Mathletes 6th/7th/8th  Website Mr. Ozarka
Yearbook 6th/7th/8th  Website Miss Schmitt
Wired For Math 6th/7th/8th  Website Mrs. Finnegan, Mrs. Carey