8th-Grade Research Tools

Where to Find Primary Sources

Digital Library Library of Congress National Archives
Chicago Collections Biblioboard Primary Sources

Science – Energy Sources Websites

Andy Darvill Energy Resources Website ESchool Non-renewable Energy  National Renewable Energy Laboratory  
 Department of Energy  World.com
 BBC Energy Website  Geothermal energy National Geographic

African American Scientists, Inventors and Engineers

Info Please/African American Scientists and Engineers Famous Black Engineers Black Engineers/ LinkEngineering
STEM innovators Famous Black Scientists National Geographic/African American Scientists
PBS/ Ten Black Scientists Black Scientists in History

Patriot Pen What is Freedom in America?


Genocides Research

Symbaloo for Genocide Research

Cambodian Genocide

Genocide in Rwanda

Genocide in Darfur

Armenian Genocide

Internet Public Library

Holocaust Memorial Museum

1950s – Cold War Research

Citation Machine for Citing!

Key Events – 1950

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Painters of the Century

Poets and Painters

Baby Boom, Suburbs, and More

Sputnik/Creation of NASA

1950s History, Music Television

1950-60 History.com


VanGogh Library

Famous Artists


World War I

Trench Warfare

Life on the Front Line

Life in the Trenches The First World War

Australian War Memorial Life in the Trenches

Trenches: Symbol of Stalemate


World War 2

Dr. Seuss Political cartooning

World War II History.com

BBC World War II

The Perilous Fight

National Archives WWII


Occupational Outlook

Career Ship

8th Grade Text Books