September 21, 2017

2017 5th-Grade XC Crosstown Classic

by Xander Lundblad, Batavia High School sophomore, BPS101 Communications Dept. intern

Do you know what screams school spirit? BPS101 fifth graders competing in a one-mile race trying to achieve a fast time while scoring points for their elementary school. And it sure is a blast for everyone involved!

A stampede of 128 fifth-graders took Rotolo Middle School by storm on Thursday, September 21 for the second-annual “5th-Grade Crosstown Classic” cross country meet. All BPS101 elementary schools had students participating in the race, which was coordinated by the elementary school gym teachers and RMS and BHS Cross Country coaches. RMS and BHS Cross Country team members also helped with the meet and cheered on all of the runners. High schoolers helped make sure the meet went smoothly by helping out with tasks such as coaching and keeping runners on course.

In the end, Hoover-Wood took home the championship title for the girls race and Grace McWayne took first for the boys race.

The girls’ race was highlighted by several stellar performances. J.B. Nelson’s Mary Fornelli, ran a time of 6:22, H.C. Storm’s Sasha Semanision came in at 6:47, and Hoover Wood’s Alexa Schorr finished with a time of 6:58.

Hoover-Wood ended up with the school win due to a strong pack of four runners finishing third through sixth, which helped seal a significant lead over runner-up J.B. Nelson. The final score had Hoover-Wood leading the way with 32 points, J.B. Nelson in second place with 57 points, and Alice Gustafson finishing in third with 79 points.

The boys’ race did not fall short of the excitement and memories that the girls’ race carried. J.B. Nelson’s Charlie Conklin put up a magnificent time of 6:12, followed close behind by Grace McWayne’s Aidan Hulett, who put up an impressive time of 6:16. Right behind Hulett were two other runners from McWayne who finished in a 6:22 tie, Jake Mysliwiec and Colin Kinerk. Grace McWayne took the victory in this race with a pack of three runners finishing in second through fourth place. The final score for the boys had Grace McWayne leading the way with 55 points, J.B. Nelson following with 79 points, and Hoover-Wood coming in third at 92 points.

Overall, the meet ran smoothly and it is looking like a tradition that will rule the elementary schools with school spirit and great times for years to come.

Congratulations to the Hoover-Wood girls team and the Grace McWayne boys team for taking first place in the meet.

Congrats also to the top 10 boys and girls individual finishers:

Mary Fornelli, JBN, 6:22
Sasha Semansion, HCS, 6:47
Alexa Schorr, HWS, 6:58
Amelia Zink, HWS, 7:05
Hallie Crane, HWS, 7:05
Ella Schwab, HWS, 7:06
Avery Kelly, AGS, 7:14
Natalie Warner, LWS, 7:15
Jessica Oberbeck, GMS, 7:19
Lindsay Fehrenbacher, AGS, 7:22

Charlie Conklin, JBN, 6:12
Aiden Hulett, GMS, 6:16
Jake Mysliwiec, GMS, 6:22
Colin Kinerk, GMS, 6:22
Jacob Jansey, AGS, 6:23
AJ Mumford, LWS, 6:28
Jack Duranski, HWS, 6:30
Max Colombet, HCS, 6:31
Matthew Vrba, GMS, 6:42

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Photos courtesy of Jack Gillerlain, Batavia High School senior/BPS101 Communications Dept. intern.